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Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike

Bullix 4T

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Brand New Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike for sale

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Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike

Designed for tough situations. The full suspension trike offers durability at a high level. Equipped a very comfortable seat an infinite seat adjustment for almost every pilot weight and length. It is suitable from students to professional flyers. A very low mass center guarantees less problems while starting and prevents tilting.

The Front fork is known from the XCitor. The trike is one of our bestsellers and now is also equipped with our new 4 Stroke 250ccm engine. The standart pairing is with our Monster engine, but for the future we have plans to assamble the NEW POLINI THOR 200ccm with this trike. We will see what the future will bring, but this trike is surely does the trick.

 The “Low Rider” Bullix has  smaller wheels but a silhouette like a "mud racer"". This version is 7.0kg  lighter than the Big Wheel version above.

Different tires available

From left to right:

Big Wheel,Low Rider (new) Low Rider (old),

The front wheel on the Low Rider is equipped with a Drum Brake. In the picture you can see the Big Wheel Version with a very effective disc brake.

With the Trike a cockpit is already included. In the standart setting you have a closed front panel. Optional instruments are available as engine Temperature and Rpm Meter. Or just Temperature and Rpms, maybe a vario? There are many options available - ask us for more details and complete packages.

The Bullix has an Automatic Riser Pulling System (ARPS) which pulls on the A Risers for you. This inteligent systems simplifies starts and helps you control the wing from the first second. More and easy starts will fallow. With this system launch failures are the past. Easy mounting in just seconds and suitable for every wing on the market.

The back axle and the wheels can be quickly and simply removed without tools for easy car transport.

The Throttle Holder (optional) will take care of your in throttle level in flight. A great option for photographers or pilots who want to have their hands free.

The Bullix can be towed on private roads with this optional towbar. Easy mounting, and again with no tools. Two loops and a belt strap and the Bullix is ready to go. No extra trailer is neccessary. Please check the legality in your country, not allowed in Germany.



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Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike

Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike

Brand New Fresh Breeze Bullix 4T Trike for sale