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Paramania Taxi Paraglider

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Brand New Paramania Taxi Paraglider with Warranty

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Paramania Taxi Paraglider

Specifically developed for tandem use, the Taxi is able to carry a payload of up to 350 kg as standard and up to 475 kg with some minor modifications. It gives fantastic stability and a high speed range (from 24 to 80 km/h).

The Taxi is the ultimate training tool. It is the choice of professionals world-wide and is considered the workhorse of tandem training flights by many schools. It can be used in a wide range of conditions, is easy to launch, solid as a rock and fast.

The Taxi was developed through a funded programme for automated flight and a modified version was successfully used to test the first ever flying car – Skycar, which travelled from London to Timbuktu in 2009 and is being developed by Parajet International.


Composite Leading Edge (C.L.E)

The new composite leading edge (CLE) and the latest MCJ reflex profile, make launching almost too easy!

Our specifically designed leading edge composite has the unique property of being ridged in one direction only and flexible in others. It gives the TAXI a very clean leading edge, so improves performances, strength and launching whilst reducing the overall weight.
Taxi Size (m2)
PPG Weight Range  
160 - 350
PG Weight Range  
Trim Slow speed (km/h)  
Trim Fast speed (km/h)  
Max speed (km/h)*  
min = 1.1 trim off = 1.4 to 1.8 Max Speedbar = 3
DMSV In progress   -  

Note - Performance figures may vary depending on pilot/motor weight and drag.
Note - DMSV certification will be certified to maximum PPG weight range

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Paramania Taxi Paraglider

Paramania Taxi Paraglider

Brand New Paramania Taxi Paraglider with Warranty